The Unintended Side Effect of Apple’s Maps Update – It’s a Good Thing

Apple Maps

Apple is going to be updating their Maps app this year with the release of iOS 6. It will feature turn-by-turn navigation and a cool 3D maps view. Awesome. That’s already a better mapping system than what we are used to. The best part is that it’s part of iOS.

What’s the other major benefit? Competing apps are also getting great updates in order to stay ahead of Apple’s own Maps app.

Here are a couple that have received cool updates.

Navigation for iOS

Navigation for iOS has been updated, and now features Google Maps. Google Maps is going to be dropped from Apple’s version, so at least there will be some way to get Google maps if Google doesn’t pursue it on their own.













CoPilot also got a nice map update and the app continues to be one of our favorite for navigation. It’s a great one, and we hope to see more from this application.












Competition is Good

Competition is always good. We enjoy seeing our favorite apps get major updates in order to stay competitive with each other and with Apple’s own offerings. Apple’s updated Maps app means that other developers will only step things up to ensure that they have the better map applications.

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