Rumor: iPhone 5 Could Release in September

iPhone 5 Rumored Image

Some say the iPhone 5 can come as early as September. This isn’t coming from any sort of reliable source other than “industry watchers,” so take that as you will.

The iPhone 4S arrived on October 14, 2011. Though the iPhone 5 is expected to be available this fall, no date has been set. Many of us expect October, but it’s hard to know. Our best bet before an official event may be history and to closely watch the builds of iOS 6 beta as they continue to improve. We can be sure that when they start tightening things up, a release is near. In the past, releases become more frequent when they are prepping for release, but we don’t expect a GM build (gold master, which is basically the version that goes out to consumers, but gets put to the final test) before an official release date announcement.

The reasoning, more than anything, for the earlier-than-previously-expeceted arrival is that there are competitive products launching in September. Such as Nokia’s new line of Windows phones and Microsoft’s tablets.

This is one way to look at it, but I truly don’t think it matters. At the risk of sounding like Apple fanboys, whether the iPhone is the better product or not, it’s more about brand power at this point. There will be many folks lining up to buy the next iPhone whether it’s sold in September or in October after Nokia releases their new phones. Though we could be wrong.

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