Watch Out: Another Rumor Points to Redesigned iPad

new ipad

A new report claims that Apple wants to rework the iPad, and make it thinner as soon as this year.

We’ve heard rumors that there will be a smaller iPad. The report we heard earlier this week came from the Wall Street Journal, which is usually a pretty good source for Apple rumors as they have been very accurate in the past.

However, the latest report comes from Digitimes, but it does not seem to mention a smaller iPad this time. It mentions a thinner design set for later this year. It’s still tough to believe, because we heard the same rumors around this time last year. Apple didn’t do anything other than keep the iPad right on schedule.

As it is, we still have our reservations about the iPad mini. The only thing that makes it any more believable is that the most recent report comes from a publication (WSJ) that has a very good history with breaking Apple news.

If Apple were to redesign the current iPad anytime, we don’t imagine it would be released this year, it’s far more likely that they will release and announce it around March as they have in the past.

[via MacRumors]



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