Would You Pay Extra In-App For a God Mode?


In-app purchases are pretty popular, especially for games, as they provide extras. Jason Kottke at Kottke.org says that he would pay big bucks for an in-game God Mode for many of his favorite titles.

God Mode, for those who may not know, is a setting in videogames that allows the player to enjoy the title without the fear of dying. They become invulnerable, and may have unlimited weapons and ammo. It’s fun if the game is extremely difficult, or if you simply want to test some of the limits of the game after you have already completed it.

Here’s part of what Kottke says:

“Free idea for iOS game devs: for just about any iOS game I’ve played for the more than 60 minutes, I would pay dearly (like $10-15) for a God-mode option that let you play the game infinitely long without dying.”

He then goes to say:

“God mode would be a great way for experts to explore more of the games they love.”

Could be fun. We don’t use those sorts of things much, but we can see some players wanting to be invulnerable in their games.


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