Accessory Spotter: How to Turn Your iPad into a Remote-Controlled Robot for $2 Grand

iPad Double Robot

Double Robotics out of California has come up with a cool iPad accessory called Double. It looks like a Segway, but has an iPad propped up on it. It almost looks like a rolling robot with an iPad-for-a-head.

The idea is pretty cool, and in all seriousness, $2,000 isn’t a lot if you want to do something like this? Is it practical? Maybe not for most, but it may have a place in some businesses. We know Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, put a robot named Mini-Me in charge of his studio in Austin. With it, he can interact with his employees remotely. His cost him $15,000. Your very own “Mini-Me” will run you about $2,000, plus the cost of the iPad.

[via Digital Trends]

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