Apple Adds Wifi Plus Cellular Option to iOS 6 – Truly Great



Credit: AppleInsider

One problem that has ALWAYS annoyed us about the iPhone (we’re not sure how many other phones have this issue) is that when we are connected to a wifi network and something happens to the internet, such as a slowdown or a drop of some sort, our iPhone won’t connect via cellular. Instead, the iPhone tries to connect via the wifi network and things move slow if at all. At worst, we get a popup telling us that it can’t grab the information.

Apple is hoping to fix that. “Wifi Plus Cellular” will switch when the wifi network is having issues. Rather than the usual remedy of having to turn off wifi or go to your settings and select “Forget this network,” iOS will recognize that there is a problem and switch to cellular data.

It will be cool to see how well this works upon release.

[via AppleInsider]

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