Apple Store App Gets Update for Made-to-Order Macs


One cool thing about buying your Mac direct from Apple is that you can have things pre-installed if you so choose. This applies to hardware options such as additional memory or hard drive space, and this includes some pieces of software.

The Apple Store application for iOS has been updated to give shoppers the ability to have their Mac sent the way they want it, along with Pages, Numbers and/or Keynote pre-installed.

Aside from that, the app features some minor fixes made to improve the user experience.

Here are the updates as per the description:

– Now get the option to have Pages, Keynote and Numbers pre-installed on any MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac or Mac Pro.

– Performance enhancements to make it easier to shop for Apple products on the go.

You can pick up the Apple Store App down here:


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