Apple Store Geniuses Go Through Some Major Training


Apple Genius Handbook

What’s it take to be an Apple Store Genius? Well, aside from knowing your stuff when it comes to OS X and iOS, you have to learn from the “Genius Training Student Workbook.”

They things such as “Fearless Feedback,” “Translating Technology,” and how to understand customer feedback, such as  tightly clenched hands (usually means they’re angry) or an unbuttoned coat (which apparently means the customer is cooperating.)

They also have to learn how to act around their customers, this means no hands on hips, because it comes across as aggressive. They are also instructed not to use words like “crash,” “freeze,” “problem” or “bug.” Instead, they are to say things like “unexpectedly quits” or “situation” instead of problem.

Geniuses are also taught lessons in empathy, and how to look sincere when expressing it.

Interesting read. You can find more at Gizmodo.

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