Best Buy and Target Drop iPhone Prices, Too

iPhone 4S

Looks like Best Buy and Target are also dropping the pricing of their iPhones. This is likely in a move to clear out inventory before the next iPhone comes along. It’s advised that those who are in the market for a new iPhone just wait a few more weeks as the next handset is set to release sometime in September, and the iPhone 4S will likely drop by a full $100.

At that point, the iPhone 4 may be available free with a contract. At least that’s if it follows the same pattern as the iPhone 3GS, which is still available on AT&T. This is becoming standard practice with retailers it seems. They’d like you to buy the iPhone so that they can pull in some of that extra cash.

News also came last week that retailers like Sprint had started to sell their iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 at discounts. This is all in preparation for the iPhone 5, or whatever Apple happens to call it.

[via Electronista]



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