Courts Rule That It’s Okay for Law Enforcement to Track Your Phone’s Location Without a Warrant


This is an interesting bit for folks who may worry about their rights and all that sort of stuff. Personally, I don’t have much to hide, so I don’t care what the cops do right now. They’d see I’m a boring person that stays in my apartment 99 percent of the time. That said, a federal court has just ruled that police can find you by your phones location, without a warrant.

This was made the case after a man named Melvin Skinner was arrested in his motorhome with 1000 kilos of weed. The police found him by tracking his phone. According to him, it was done without a warrant, and violated his Fourth Amendment Rights. Unfortunately for him, the police disagreed.

Here’s what they said:

There is no inherent constitutional difference between trailing a defendant and tracking him via such technology. Law enforcement tactics must be allowed to advance with technological changes, in order to prevent criminals from circumventing the justice system.

According to the reports, the court’s argue that this is something that could have been done with visual surveillance. Keep in mind, however, that the police must contact the carrier and see where your phone has been tracked. The other thing to remember is that all data on your phone is protected. This means call data, texts, etc.

[Via Ars Technica]

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