Did You Know That The iPhone’s Predictive Keyboard Has This Little Feature?



Did you know that your iPhone is actually smart enough to predict the next letter you may want to type, and make it’s touchzone a bit larger?

This may not make immediate sense when read, but think of a simple word like “phone.” Say you type p, h, o, n. The next letter is going to be an ‘e.’ The iPhone understands that, and makes the area of touch for the  ‘e’ a tiny bit larger while making the surrounding letters a bit smaller. This helps improve accuracy when typing quickly and with your thumbs.


How to Use the iPhone Keyboard by Liquid_Vitamins

The video above explains how it works (at about 3:00)

They have also been granted the patent for the technology. It’s just a tiny, probably completely overlooked feature, but it’s cool nonetheless.

[via Gizmodo]

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