Facebook for Android is so Horrible That Mark Zuckerberg Forces His Employees to Use it

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Zuck must be a tough boss if this is the case. Actually, he’s brilliant. What better way to make his employees want to improve the Facebook app?

According to reports, Zuck is forcing them to use Android phones, because the Facebook app is so horrible. In fact, he’s forcing them to give up their iPhones and use their Android devices just so that they have to use Facebook for Android.

This means they must deal with a crappy application until they fix it. Interestingly, this isn’t exactly something that only Facebook does. Bloomberg say’s it’s called “dogfooding” which comes from the phrase “eating your own dog food”.  They say it’s “pretty common at tech companies.”

Well, at least they got the iPhone version working. Let’s hope they can hurry along with the Android update.

[via Bloomberg]


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