Finding Out Content and iPhone Info

The iPhone often becomes an overwhelmingly large space for multiple files types and a myriad of other types of content.  This can actually be confusing when you are actually trying to navigate it, and you may want to just get some statistics as to what is actually behind the touch screen.  Here is a quick guide on how to find out the hard numbers of exactly what is filling up your storage space as well as the basic information about your device.

Start by going into the iPhone’s Settings and select About, which is the very first option.  Once in About, the top option will list your iPhone’s current name.  If you select it you can go into a new box where you can enter in whatever you want your iPhone to be identified by.  This is a quick option to change your basic iPhone name.

Below that will be the basic statistics of exactly what content is on your iPhone.  It will begin by listing who your carrier is.  Next it will list the number of songs, videos, apps, and photos you have, followed by the storage capacity of the iPhone and how much available space there is.  The version of the iOS you are running will also be there, which is a changing number.


Below that is going to be a number of items that are more technical details, which are specific to your iPhone and situation.  This will include the serial number for your iPhone, the Wi-Fi address, the Bluetooth code, IMEI, TCCID, and the modem firmware you are using.

The bottom block of options are going to link you over to some more specific information.  Diagnostics & Usage is actually going to give you options about how you communicate with Apple.  Here you can choose to either Automatically Send or Don’t Send your diagnostic information to Apple, and this is also chosen when you are first activating the device.  At the bottom is a link to actually see diagnostic data if there is any.

The Legal Notices page is actually a document letting you know the legal information about Apple and the device, which includes things like copyright information.  The license is a similar document, including the license agreement for the iOS, notices from Apple, Google Maps terms and conditions, and the YouTube terms and conditions.  The bottom is regulatory information, which is broken down by relevant countries.



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