Former Employee Sues Apple Over Promised Job Security

 Steve Jobs Announces the iPhone in 2007

Wayne Goodrich is a former Apple employee who coordinated and produced Apple’s major keynote presentations, such as the 2007 Macworld introduction of the iPhone.

Based on that, it seems he was pretty darned good at his job. If what he says is true, he was so good at his job that Steve Jobs himself promised him job security back in 2005. There are a few Apple employees out there who have been promised such job security. Jony Ive is a great example.

However, Goodrich is suing the Cupertino company over his termination back in December. According to the complaint, Goodrich was fired after 13 years with Apple, and the reasons were “not connected to his performance.” In other words, it seems like he was still doing a good job.

Well, we don’t know the whole story. We likely never will. Either way, that’s a tough break for the person behind so many great keynotes.

[via Cult of Mac]

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