GameStop Increasing Focus on iOS Devices


Videogame retailer GameStop is reportedly opening up a new refurbishment center that will place a major focus on iOS devices.

This is because iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are such huge sellers, that the company is going to place more emphasis on their trade-ins. The refurb center will be able to repair any such devices and turn them around to sell them at GameStop locations for a major markup from the trade-in price.

They will likely also add Android devices, according to reports. The way this all works is that someone trades in an iPad or other such device. GameStop will buy it, even if it has problems. When it goes to the refurb center, it gets fixed up and sent back out to a store. It’s marked up, but it’s still a good deal cheaper than buying it new. Budget-consious shoppers buy it for less, and GameStop makes money.

This is a very cool piece on the refurb factory, in case you’re interested. It comes from the Verge.

[via 9to5Mac]

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