GIMP is Now Available as a Native App for Mac OS X

GIMP Splash Screen

GIMP has been released for Mac OS X. This is cool news for anyone on a Mac that has wanted a photo editor, but hasn’t been able to for over the cash for an application like Photoshop. There are also solutions like Pixelmator, which is not quite Photoshop, but is a great image editor at $15 (link below for those interested).

The good thing about GIMP is that it’s free. In the past, you had to install and run X11. It wasn’t a great way to go about things, but it didn’t work awesomely.

Note to others. We had crash problems with it. Let us know if that happens to you. We’re running an iMac i5 on 10.7.4.  Leave a few comments if you have issues with the software.

You can download it at their site: Here.

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