How Big is the Latest iPad?

The iPad itself has gone through a profound evolution in the few years it has been on the market.  Drawing on the trajectory of the iPhone and iPod Touch that came before, the iPad has developed in terms of functionality and display in ways that match the shifts in technology, usability, and media.  These transformations have also made themselves into the physical construct of the device, changing in appearance and size.  So how big is the latest iPad anyway?


The newest incarnation of the iPad, the iPad 3, is comparable to the previous two generations except in the more specific technical details.  The iPad 3 is 9.5 inches high by 7.31 inches wide.  It’s real impressive dimensions come from its depth, which is only 0.37 inch deep.  This comes to a weight of only 1.44 pounds, or 653 grams.  If the iPad is enabled for cellular service then it is actually 1.46 pounds, or 662 grams.  The impressive retina display comes in at 9.7 inches when measures diagonally from corner to corner.  The headphone jack remains 3.5 mm, which is standardized across listening devices.


This size is consistent across the different storage sizes, which means that it has a universal appearance.   This makes it easier to purchase peripherals such as cases, though it is important to note that the dimensions have changed between versions and cases for the previous two iPads will not fit the newest version.  This is especially true between versions one and two as the front and back cameras are only on the iPad 2 and iPad 3.  The iPad battery life has also remained relatively consistent between sizes, which notes that the size of the battery is also similar to all of them.

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