How to Take Good Phone Photos


Smartphones are everywhere. They are also the most common camera used. It’s because they are readily-avaialble to everyone. Let’s face it, most of us carry around a phone or a smartphone. Not many of us carry around a camera, though.

National Geographic’s website has a few cool shots and tips on taking good photos. Here are just two of them:

Photo Tip: Avoid direct sunlight. Your subjects will be cooler, happier, and more attractively lit if they don’t have a sunbeam hitting them in the face. If it’s an overcast day, you’re in luck. This is one of the best outdoor lighting situations for photographing people. If it’s a sunny day, have your subjects stand in the brightest patch of shade you can find.

Photo Tip: Choose the highest quality setting available so you lose less detail and don’t get a muddy photo. If you have to choose between resolution and a quality setting to save space—and it’s unlikely you’ll make prints—reduce the resolution.

There are more there for sure.

Here is the link with additional photos and tips: NatGeo

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