How to Use the iPad Location Services

iOS devices, like your iPad, are becoming more than simply mobile computer but instead devices that are based on GPS and social networking.   The device itself is extending these social networking and communication out into the physical world by identifying locations for all elements that come in, from apps to photographs.  It does this through the iPad Location Services, which is listed as a feature that uses Wi-Fi hotspots in a crowd sourced format to find the location of the device itself.  This then allows different elements within the iPad to utilize your location to assist in functioning and add an element to your interaction.  Here are the basics of how to use the iPad Location Services.

To really work with Location Services on the iPad you need to star by going to Settings and selecting Location Services, which is above Brightness & Wallpaper and below Notifications.  At the top of the settings will be an On and Off switch for Location Services, which must be turned on.  Below that will be a list of different apps that are using your Location Services, some of which are built in apps that need the location identifications such as Maps.  These apps likely asked the user if they would like to apply Location Services when it was first installed.  Here you have the option to turn the Location Services On or Off for each specific app after the fact, which allow you to generally control how it is being used.


It is usually better to keep it on since it is important for many apps to find your location.  For example, Kayak, the common plane flight app, uses the iPad Location Services to find nearby airports for you to purchase a flight from.  This is common among apps that find different services in your area, utilizes maps, and does a range of other functions.  If there is a purpose arrow next to one of the apps then that app is using your location right then, and if there is a gray item then it has used your location in the previous twenty-four hours.  If there is an arrow with just an outline then the app is using a geofence.

At the bottom of the Location Services settings will be System Services.  In this you can turn on and off a few different things, such as Compass Calibration, Location-Based iAds, or Setting Time Zone.  These are set to On as a default, but many people like to turn off Location-Based iAds.  There will also be the purple, grey, and outlined arrows on here indicating the kind of use these features have had.  At the bottom will be an On / Off button for the Status Bar Icon, which will actually show the Location Services icon when it is being used.  This is a nice option if you would like to know when this is being sent over.

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