iPad 2 Makes Up 60 Percent of US iPad Web Browsing

iPad 2 Side Shot

According to web usage data from Chitika, the iPad 2 actually makes up most of the US. web traffic coming from iPad users, about 60 percent. Meanwhile, the new iPad only makes up about 18 percent of iPad web traffic.

Interestingly, the new iPad is only making up 18 percent of the iPad web traffic in the US. Chitika speculates that it may be a sign that people are holding back on the upgrade as “the perceived minute differences between the iPad 2 and iPad 3” make users of the old iPad less willing to upgrade.

However, one thing worth noting is that Apple sold a record 17 million iPads last quarter. Tim Cook said that the third-gen iPad was the biggest seller of the bunch. However, GigaOm points out that Chitika is specifically pointing to US web traffic while Tim Cook was talking about global iPad sales. There is also the fact that the iPad 2 sells for $399. That makes it much easier for some shoppers who were on the fence to pick up the last-gen iPad at a lower price, and as GigaOm puts it, has also helped it become popular in schools.

Either way, Apple is selling iPads. We’re sure they don’t mind.

[via GigaOm]

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