iPad Mini to Arrive in October, According to Rumors

iPad mini_compare

The iPad mini is still a huge rumor on the internet. It’s definitely starting to seem more real, and there have been far more credible reports than we’ve seen in the past.

The latest comes from All Things D. They are another outlet that doesn’t just run any junk they find on the internet. In fact, they, and the Wall Street Journal about about as good as it gets for accurate Apple rumors. They say that Apple is planning to release an 7.85-inch iPad mini.

According to All Things D, the new tablet won’t be announced until after the new iPhone is out the door. Gruber at Daring Fireball, who definitely seems to know his stuff, also mentioned that he didn’t believe both devices would be revealed at the same time. His theory was that the iPhone is such a big product in itself, that Apple is smarter than to dilute it’s announcement with that of a second iOS device.

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