iPhone 5: Four Rumors We Actually Believe

iPhone 5_MockUp

We keep hearing rumors of a new Apple handset. Heck, at this point, we may as well not even call them rumors anymore. This year is very different from past ones. The main thing being that all parts and leaked prototypes seem to match up with each other. That truly seems like a first. Previous years always showed us multiple versions of what were alleged iPhones. We see something leak, and it looks like it could be the next iPhone, but it’s not. It becomes hard to know what’s real when there are six different “iPhone” models floating around the internet. In the end, none turn out to be real.

Going back to the iPhone 5, or whatever Apple decides to call it, (it’s actually the sixth-generation iPhone) all the pictures we’ve seen look similar or the same. That includes things like thickness, screen size and placement of parts. It just makes us believe that it’s very likely the next iPhone.

1) Smaller Dock Connector

This is one of the big rumors regarding the new iPhone. It seems about as real as it gets. We’ve seen repeated leaks and parts. There have been pictures of what is said to be the next iPhone, and there are pictures of the supposed connectors and USB cables. What’s interesting about this, is that along with the rumor of the larger screen, everything is very consistent. The smaller dock connector is great for many reasons. It seems to be more durable (because it’s a simpler, one-piece design. Gizmodo explained it well, here.) It’s also smaller, meaning it makes room for other components, such as battery, to grow. A smaller connector also means a smaller iPhone.


2) Larger Screen

The Screen is also said to be larger in the next iPhone. We also saw that the iOS emulator has a mode for iOS 6 that displays an extra row of apps. This supports the rumor of a slightly larger screen resolution of 1136×640. Again, these rumors remain very similar throughout. We aren’t hearing conflicting reports on this end, either.


3) Parts Are Slightly Rearranged

Some of the parts are moved around a bit. For instance, the headphone jack. It seems that it’s now at the bottom of the handset. This is more like the iPod touch. The back-facing camera now has a microphone near it. This may work to pick up sound, but it’s also said to be there to help improve noise cancellation. Again, this is stuff that keeps coming up with each leak.


4) September 12 Announcement with September 21 Launch

This was mentioned by a few sources. They have been reliable in the past. We’ve also heard of carriers blacking out vacation time for employees around Friday, September 21 This is true with AT&T and Verizon so far. The reasoning? They need full staff for those busy times when the iPhone is launched. Sure, the employees may not be told why the blackout is happening, but they know what’s going on. It’s iPhone time. It happens each year.


Do You Believe the Rumors?

Do you believe that the pictures and leaks we’ve seen are indeed the next iPhone? Maybe Apple is leaking these as part of an elaborate hoax? Doubt it. Either way, there is a new handset on the horizon, and we think it looks like the photo above.

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