iPhone 6? What Would The iPhone Look Like In Two Years? (Artist Mock-up)

No one knows what the upcoming iPhone will be called. We’re just all calling it the iPhone 5. However, it will be the sixth-generation iPhone, so it’s always possible that they will call it the iPhone 6. Heck, they may go the iPad route and simply call it the new iPhone or the iPhone.

Regardless, this is just a mock-up of what an artist thinks the iPhone may look like in a couple of years. It’s slim, it’s similar in size to the rumored iPhone we’ve been seeing around the internet.

Obviously no one knows for sure what any future iPhones will look like, except for maybe Tim Cook, Jony Ive and a few select others in Cupertino. It’s still cool to check out the mock-ups:


[Nak Design via Cult of Mac]


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