iPhone Theft Leads to Cinematic Chase Near a Church and Elementary School


Editor’s note: This is obviously not the iPhone thief, but the photo was too great to pass up.

Applications like FindMyiPhone, which is part of Apple’s iCloud service, help users of lost iOS devices locate them. Police can use the software to track a thief and retrieve the item if stolen.

This time, police tracked two armed robbers who had stolen an iPhone. Their chase began at 6:30am when police found the suspects and headed after them. One of them ran and jumped over a fence into a nearby Catholic church. They ended up near an elementary school where students were arriving. One of the suspects turned toward the police with his hand concealed, which caused an officer to fire a shot. She missed, but they managed to eventually catch the thieves and found a third and fourth, one in the car and one hiding in the trunk with other smartphones that were allegedly stolen. A fifth and sixth suspect were apprehended at a nearby home found by looking up the car’s registration information.

Looks like iPhone theft can get serious. This isn’t the first time that FindMyiPhone has helped people retrieve their devices.


[via AppleInsider]

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