Is This the Fifth-gen iPod Touch Case?

iPod touch 5th-gen

Some photos from Shenzhen Gekai Technology, an iOS device case maker based in China, has stocked up on what they say are cases for the next iPod touch.

Obviously we can’t say for sure if they are real, and the truth is that such case leaks have been very hit or miss in the past. That said, let’s pretend that this is actually a case for the next-generation iPod touch. What does it tell us?

1) The camera hole is larger, so it seems that there will be an LED flash on the device. This would be a first for the iPod touch line.

2) There is a second hole in the bottom corner, but no one knows what that’s for. Some say that it may be for an extra microphone or new a speaker arrangement.


Also leaked is what is said to be the iPad mini case. It has that extra hole in the middle, and iPodnn thinks it could be a microphone that will aid in noise cancellation, or improved pickup when capturing video:

iPad mini_case_rumored


We don’t know what the new iPod touch will look like. Perhaps it will maintain the old aspect ratio? Maybe


[via iPodNN]

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