Mix2Color Hands-on (iSmashPhone Review)


Mix2Color is a simple app for iPad that lets you color simple drawings with the tap of your finger. It’s definitely designed for a younger audience, and they will find pleasure in coloring the cute pictures the application provides for them.

The coloring is simple. You are given a drawing. The top-left has the same drawing, but it’s colored. You want to match yours to the colored version. You can rub your finger on the screen if you want to simulate the action of painting, or you can simply tap on a spot to paint the area. The application will keep things in the lines. Really, it seems that the idea here was to teach kids about art through the mixing of paint. Because the process of coloring itself is very simple, but the person doing the coloring is given a very limited palette of five colors: blue, red, yellow, black and white. however, those can be combined to create an additional 10 colors, for a grand total of 15. It may not seem like a lot for an adult mind, but to children it’s going to be a lot of fun to mix and match colors to see what they can get. There is also an icon that works as something of a “cheat sheet” if they forget what color combination makes what.

There is also a free draw mode. In this mode, you can draw a picture or color an existing drawing. There are stamps that can be used. They are in shapes such as snowflakes, hearts, butterflies, flowers, leaves and more. The colors in this mode are no longer mixable, and the user is given 12 to work with. It’s fun, and children will like that they have the ability to draw anywhere they’d like. We do have some thoughts on it, however. They are as follows:

– We would love to still have our five primary colors and have to mix them. This teaches the children about mixing their colors.

– We would like an option that makes it easy to stay within the line when coloring a drawing. Could be that our fingers are much larger than the average child, but it’s difficult to do so.

– Multitouch could be very fun here. Especially when it comes to stamping and painting on a blank canvas.

It may sound like we are requesting a lot of the application, but we ask for it, because it’s an application we already found interesting and would like to see further options available for it. That said, children will have fun with the application, and it’s available today for a low price of 99 cents. It’s normally, $2.99, but it’s worth giving a shot if you have kids who love to play with your iPad, but don’t quite have the skills or coordination to play iOS games.

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