Ordering Food With Mobile Apps is Growing in Popularity


A national survey of 7,122 consumers in the US showed that ordering food on a mobile device is becoming very popular.

Age may have been a factor, as 70 percent of those who responded to the survey were between 20 and 40. The survey showed that 25 percent said they never used such services for ordering food, while 21 percent used it daily or weekly. Another 35 percent used such services monthly, while another 15 used it quarterly. Meanwhile, six percent said they used such apps annually.

This is pretty interesting because mobile apps really only skyrocketed into popularity around 2008 with the introduction of Apple’s App Store. Yes, they were around before that, but the App Store helped bring them into mainstream use, and got the attention of restaurants such as Pizza Hut and Starbucks, both of which offer mobile payment options via apps.

It’s likely that such payment methods will only grow. It’s convenient to not have to make a call. Simply pull up an app on your iPhone while running errands, and order a pizza. When you are done, head over to the restaurant and pick it up on the way home. Dinner is served.

[pymnts.com via CultofMac]

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