Phiaton PS 20 NC Earbuds Make Our Listening More Enjoyable (iSmashPhone Review) (Price Update)


We review a lot of headphones. Some are worth a mention, a lot of others just get the pass here at iSmashPhone HQ. Today, however, we wanted to talk about the Phiaton PS 20 NC earbuds.

We normally can’t tell the difference between $30 and $60 earbuds. There is a price range somewhere in there where mid-quality headphones aren’t totally distinguishable from one another.

These headphones are a bit on the pricier side, but they are high-quality and have a great sound and frequency response. One of the great things about these buds is the “Noise Blocker” technology, which is noise cancellation, but it does a great job of cutting outside noise. Its a noise cancellation circuit that does a good job of cutting outside noise, and makes your music feel clearer. The good thing about this is that when the battery runs out, you can continue to use your headphones normally. Also note that noise cancellation makes it possible to listen to music at lower levels, thus preserving your precious hearing. This is ideal for those who commute and want to listen to music or podcasts minus the outside noise. That’s probably all of us.

They are also fairly comfortable. One problem we have with some earbuds, especially Apple’s, is that they hurt like heck after a while. It’s not the music being pumped into our ears. They’re just not built very comfortably.

They are $179 $129, so it’s not a low asking price. Still, that’s about what you’d expect to pay for comparable headphones and earbuds such as those sold by Bose or Dre.

– High quality dynamic speakers
– Frequency range: 15Hz~22,000Hz
– Impedance: 26Ohm
– THD: Less than 1% at 1kHz
– Sensitivity: 101dB at 1kHz
– Maximum input power: 30 mW
– Weight: 1.15oz/
You can check them out here: Phiaton


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