Report: Apple Takes 70 Percent of Tablet Market

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According to IHS iSuppli, a research firm that recently released a report on tablet marketshare shows that Apple has taken a major chunk of the tablet market.

They go by volume shipped, so this may not necessarily mean tablets sold. Still, tablets shipped relies heavily on consumer demand for the product. (Though shipping numbers vs sales numbers for Samsung’s tablet seem to say quite the contrary) In Q2, the tablet reached a 70 percent share of the market, according to their research. This is the highest its been in over a year.

It’s said that Apple’s shipping numbers better reflect units sold, because they are selling it all. Apple also reports actual sell-through.

It’s important to know that the numbers don’t represent the Galaxy Nexus 7. That’s because it wasn’t released until this quarter. That said, being such a recent release, it probably wouldn’t have put a dent in that 70 percent of the market that the iPad has.

[via Electronista]

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