Rumor: Apple TV to Become a Live Cable Box?

 Apple TV

According to reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook is meeting with US cable operators to allow Apple TV to be used as a cable box for watching live television.

TIm Cook is said to have met with Time Warner Cable executive Glenn Britt in Idaho last month during a media conference, but no deals have been made.

Here’s a portion of the report:

Another potential stumbling block to the deal is Apple’s current 30 percent share of transactions initiated through an Apple device. Apple also reportedly wants exclusivity from partners, while requiring the cable companies to service any Apple-produced device. Reports aren’t clear if the discussions are focused on the current or future iteration of the Apple TV, or a device embedded in an Apple-branded television set.

Seems like a long road ahead if they want those terms. Exclusivity and having the cable companies service their devices could be pretty tough. Apple has a lot of clout in the tech and media distribution world, though.

[Via Electronista]

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