Rumor: This is a Leaked iPad Mini Component


Here come more leaks. This time, it’s a part of what may be the iPad mini dock connector flex cable and headphone jack. We already saw some schematics that may be of the smaller Apple tablet. Now it’s this component.

What’s worth noting, is that according to reports, Kyle Wiens of iFixit, the folks who take apart iPads, iPhones and other consumer electronics took a look at the photo. While he says it’s impossible to determine whether or not the component is real, he says it’s consistent with past Apple components.

It also has part numbers that look just like those that Apple uses on their real components. Sure, we won’t know if it’s real for a while, but at least there are indications that it might be.

MacRumors, however, makes sure to point out one inconsistency between alleged leaks. The drawings and schematics (linked above) show that the headphone jack is on the top corner, similar to what it is on the current iPad models. However, on this part, it’s right next to the dock connector. This is something we’ve seen with the supposed iPhone 5 parts, but not with the iPad. In other words, at least one of the supposed leaks is not real.

[via MacRumors]

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