Sweetwater Catalog for iOS Hands-on (iSmashPhone Review)


Sweetwater is my top place for ordering music gear. They have just about anything I could need, and their customer service is top-notch. Seriously, we ordered something from them, and they called us to ask how they were working out for us. They actually spent 10 minutes with me talking about my home studio. Very cool. That’s why we checked out their iPad catalog (it’s also available for iPhone).

They various catalogs, and this is likely why they call (they check out their customers’ interests and will mail them physical copies of their catalog), they cover things like music education and sound systems for churches, etc. My favorite is the Pro Gear. It’s a quarterly update of all the music gear they have. There are synthesizers, software, computers, guitars, drums and just about anything else you would find at a major music store like Guitar Center or Sam Ash.

What’s cool?

For starters, it’s free. Just download the app, and from there you can look through their list of available catalogs and download the one you want. Inside, you will find something that looks just like the paper version. You flip through virtual pages, complete with page-turn animation, and look through the book. There is a table of contents that makes it even easier to find the section you are looking for.

Tapping on an item on the page will zoom in on it. Holding your finger down will let you post it on your social networks like Twitter and Facebook, or look up more information on the Sweetwater website, which features more detailed information and customer reviews, etc.


If you’re a musician, it’s very much worth checking out. Sweetwater is truly one of our favorite places to order from, and we can’t say that enough.

Check it out below:

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