Syncing Over iTunes U Content

iTunes U has been a creative way for Apple to connect with different schools and universities so that they could centralize their online content through the iTunes infrastructure.  In this section you have the ability to actually download course material, lectures, and variety of educational multimedia content directly to your computer or mobile devices.  You can utilize the iTunes U app on your iDevice, though you have much more options if you are going to employ the computer software option.  Here is a guide on how to sync over iTunes U content from your computer to your iPhone.

To begin the process you have to actually access iTunes U and download content.  When you begin the download process it will actually go into the iTunes U specific part of the Library, which you can select from the left hand panel under the Library heading.  This is where all the content you download will sit even after it is transferred to your iPhone.

Plug in your iPhone and then select it from under the Devices heading in the left hand panel of iTunes.  Select the iTunes U tab in the main panel, which will be in between Podcasts and Books.  Put a check next to Sync iTunes U.  You can then choose to include all content that has been unplayed or new by different qualifications, as well as by specific Collections.  You can also go through the Collections specifically and then select what pieces of media that you want to sync over.  Selecting “all” next to the “Automatically include” section is going to be the easiest to get all of your iTunes U content over, which is what most people will want if they are using a limited amount of content.  When you are done making your decisions go down to the lower right hand corner and hit the Apply button.

From there a regular sync will begin, yet it will begin syncing over the content that you have added with the recent iTunes U decisions.  You will be able to watch the progress of the sync in the upper progress bar, and you can wait to see if your content has been added by name.


Once the sync has completed go into your iPhone and open up the iTunes U app, which is a free iPhone app you have to download from the iTunes App Store.  This app will hold your iTunes U content in a bookshelf setting similar to iBooks.  This is going to be done for both internal downloads through the mobile app and that content which has been synced over from iTunes.  The content will not be available in the Videos or Music sections, even though they may take on this character.  You will then be able to play the content from within the iTunes U app, which functions similar to iPod controls.

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