The iPhone’s Encryption is Even a Pain to Law Enforcement

iPhone 4S

According to reports, the iPhone and iPad have become pretty secure devices. Sure, they can still be hacked, just about anything can, but Apple has spent a lot on iOS security over the years and managed to cross what the Technology Review calls a “significant threshold.”

The threshold they are talking about is that it’s often impossible for law enforcement to perform forensic examinations on devices that have been seized from criminals. This may be a huge pain for them, but it’s a good thing for consumers.

Here’s a portion of their report:

“I can tell you from the Department of Justice perspective, if that drive is encrypted, you’re done,” Ovie Carroll, director of the cyber-crime lab at the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section in the Department of Justice, said during his keynote address at the DFRWS computer forensics conference in Washington, D.C., last Monday. “When conducting criminal investigations, if you pull the power on a drive that is whole-disk encrypted you have lost any chance of recovering that data.”

Well, at least our devices are secure, for the most part. Right? Don’t forget that Apple seems to want to introduce some sort of additional level of security with fingerprint scanning.

[via Technology Review]

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