Will the iPhone 5 Be One of Apple’s Biggest Launches In History?

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According to Apple component suppliers, if the report is accurate, the next iPhone may see the biggest launch in the company’s history. This is because said component suppliers are reporting record months of business for July, meaning that they manufactured more parts than they ever have for Apple in the past.

Here is a bit of the report:

Component suppliers are now working around the clock to meet demands for Apple’s iPhone 5 – and, potentially iPad Mini – ahead their respective September 12 launch.

‘This July represents the strongest month-over-month sales growth of any July we have on record over the past eight years for the Apple Monitor,’ said White. ‘It was well above the 7 per cent growth experienced last July, supporting our view of an earlier launch of the iPhone 5 versus the iPhone 4S last October.’

It’s not entirely clear if this is accurate, but it could truly be Apple preparing for a huge launch. Perhaps they just don’t want to have iPhones on a 1-2 week backorder.

[via KnowyourMobile]

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