Wondering How to Run Windows on Your Retina Mac? Parallels 8 is the Answer

parallels 8

Parallels 8 semi-launched today for OS X Mountain Lion. It’s virtualization software. Basically, this means it lets you run a Windows environment within your computer (or a handful of other popular desktop operating systems). It’s nothing I’ve ever personally had to use, but there are some folks whose typical day does require them to jump onto Windows whether it’s to use a certain piece of software, or whatever it may be.

The cool news is that, yes it does work with the latest version of OS X, and yes it is even compatible with Apple’s Retina MacBook Pros. They also claim that the software runs faster. Faster is always good when you’re working on a computer.

There’s a bit of a catch. In order to use it today, you must be an existing Parallels user. Otherwise, it will be available on September 4.

[via Parallels]

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