Analysts: iPhone 5 LTE Will Double iOS Data Consumption



The iPhone 5 will have LTE 4G capabilities. This means faster data connections for users. The result, however, will be more data consumption. According to one analyst, data usage will double.

This comes form Validas, an analysts firm the specializes in mobile. According to CultofMac, the firm tracks data usage for “hundreds of thousands of smartphone users in real-time.” They found that the average iPhone owner consumed 489MB of data per month. This was taken from a sample of 150k users. They also found that persons who owned devices like the HTC Thunderbolt LTE  consumed around 1.022GB of data per month.  Their estimate is that the LTE connectivity will boost average monthly usage to about 1.2GB for the iPhone.

That’s interesting, and it makes sense given their numbers. Personally, my data doesn’t get used all that much as I are constantly near wifi. The times we do need data, I rarely use anywhere near that much, and when I do, it’s rare (on the road, or when the internet is down.)

[via CultofMac]

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