Apple on Scuffgate: Scratches and Chips are Normal

iPhone 5 screatches

Apple isn’t usually the best at this sort of thing. Unless they decide to have a conference and offer free cases to everyone again, a-la “Antennagate” conference.

Someone shot an email to Apple’s main marketing man, Phil Schiller to ask about scuffs and scratches on the iPhone 5. His Jobsian answer was short, to-the-point and almost ignoring the problem:

“Any aluminum product may scratch of chip with use, exposing it’s natural silver color. That is normal.”

Well, that’s probably about 14 more words that Steve would have bothered to type. Still, that’s a major bummer for anyone who bought an iPhone 5 and is going to be plagued with scuff marks that come with regular use. They are kind of unsightly against the black.

[Photo and original report credit: ExtremeTech]

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