Apple’s Website is Revealing a Few Things About the Next iPhone and iPod Touch


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This isn’t stuff we can’t say we already heard, but now it’s closer to confirmed. First, Apple’s online search shows that there is an iPhone with LTE. This was discovered earlier today.

The image below shows what happens when you search iPhone-LTE. This was discovered by Gizmodo:

iPhone search LTE


This tells us that the next iPhone will be an LTE handset. That’s nothing we didn’t already expect, though.

The have also done plenty of searching and discovered a few more things (following images from Gizmodo):

The next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5:



iTunes 11 should also be on the way:

iTunes 11

And, finally, the iPod lineup:

iPod updates


It’s going to be a busy day!

[via Gizmodo]

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