Basic Look at Newsstand

Newsstand was a newer feature of the iOS that is extending the idea of e-book reading to the magazine and newspaper sphere.  Since many periodicals and publications are providing digital versions based on subscriptions, many e-book readers and iOS devices are finding a way to allow their mobile platform to be used for this purpose.  On the iPhone and, especially, the iPad, Newsstand provides a format where people can read the downloaded copies of their favorite magazines and newspapers for which they have digital subscriptions in the same way they may read a downloaded book in iBooks.  Here is a basic guide on how to use Newsstand on the iPhone or other iOS devices.

The basic Newsstand interface is similar to iBooks and iTunes U in that you have bookshelf from which you can select content to read that you have already downloaded.  If you have not subscribed to or independently downloaded any content then you can hit the Store button in the upper left hand corner to go into the Newsstand Store to look around and things you may want to download.  This is formatted similar to other stores through iTunes such as the App Store or iBooks, and breaks down into subsections of Featured, Categories, Top 25, Search, and Updates.  Here you can look at the Featured content such as new magazines that are worth checking out or top tier newspapers like Bloomberg Business Week or The New York Times.

Categories sets it up for topics such as Books, Cat & Dog, and Entertainment, and when you select one of these you are given the option of looking at the top downloads for free, paid, or release date.  This is a good way of finding the type of content that you may want to read, yet are not aware of currently.  The Top 25 does a similar format, yet does this broadly for all the content and does not do it by category.  The Updates section will do updates for all iPhone app content and not just Newsstand, which makes it operate even more like the App Store.

Once you have actually downloaded a periodical it will appear on your shelf, which is unique in that it only opens up slightly and does not take up the entire touch screen like iBooks does.  When you select it then the newspaper will show up as if it actually existed in its physical form, yet it will have the interactivity of a website.  You will see articles with text, headlines, and images,   you can select the article and it will take up the entire page and you can swipe through it, being given options like saving the article, posting it to social media like Facebook or Twitter, or even making the text bigger.

At the bottom you may have options like sections, which will take you to different sections of the newspaper.  You can Refresh the content to make it more current as it is released, or hit the Subscribe button if you want to make it a regular download.  The essence her is that it operates like a newspaper in display with the ability to constantly provide new content as if you were looking at a news website.


The bottom bar is always going to have different content depending on where you are, and if you are in an article you may see other articles below, as well as a Home button so you can go back to the headlines.

In the main screen there will be a button to the lower right that has two gears, and this will bring up the Settings for the app.  You can choose to log in if you have not already, turn automatic refreshing on or off, log into Facebook for article sharing, or look at things like the FAQ or information about the app for the magazine you are looking at.

The reality is that all of the specifics about the content you are looking at will depend on the content provider, and some of the publications that have better prepared for digital formats have created more interactivity.  In general, the magazine will likely sit on your shelf so that you can read it, and instead of having to download entire new ones you may simply be able to refresh it from in the device.  Like anything on your iPhone or iPad, if you want to delete a magazine from your Newsstand you simply press and hold it until it begins wiggling, and then you hit the X in the upper left hand corner of it.  The format remains that first presented by iBooks in terms of reading the content, but it will follow the subscription formats pioneered by Podcasts in iTunes.

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