BREAKING: The iPhone 5 Will Cost as Much as the iPhone 4S Did at Launch

Okay. So maybe you caught just a hint of sarcasm in the headline. Still, in case anyone is curious, websites are reporting that the iPhone 5 will cost as much the iPhone 4S did at launch. That’s that mean? The base-model iPhone 5 will launch at $200 with a contract. That’s the same as it’s been for quite some time.

If you want an iPhone 5, you can rest assured knowing that the price is not changing. We will throw in our guess here. We think that the iPhone 4S will drop to $99. Brave, aren’t we? The real kicker is this: We are going to say that Apple will make the iPhone 4 free with a 2-year contract, as they did the iPhone 3GS last year.

Either way, the handset is going to be announced next week at an Apple press event. With it, we will likely get a release date for iOS 6 and learn of the launch for the handset, which is currently rumored to be September 21st.

[via Gizmodo]

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