Changing Siri’s Voice

Siri’s voice has started to become iconic to the American consuming public, especially with her quick answers and often witty responses.  This voice is, however, not the only one that is available, and you can even switch Siri from a woman to a man.  This is, however, will significantly change how you work with Siri, so there are a few things to think about before you switch.  Here is a look at how you change Siri’s voice, or her language.

Start by going into the iPhone Settings and then go down to General, which is at the top of the third block of options directly above iCloud.  In General, go down to Siri, which is under Usage and above Network.  Here you will see the basic Siri functions, including an On / Off switch, Voice Feedback, and what was in your info.

Go to Languages, which is currently set as English (United States) if you purchased and activated your iPhone in the United States.  You are going to have two other language options in English, which are for the United Kingdom and for Australia.  The voice from the United Kingdom is a man with an appropriate accent, and the Australian voice is a woman with her accent set accordingly.  You can select either of these for a voice change, but it is important to also note that they are a language change as well.  British and Australian English is slightly different than the English spoken in the United States, and there may be some mistakes and misunderstandings with Siri if you select one of these two based on your voice preference.  There are also other language settings for German, French, and Japanese, each with their own unique voices as well.  Once you choose one then the check mark will be next that language, and you can return to this menu anytime if you want to change it.

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