Complimentary Apple Support

Though Apple Care is usually the best way to ensure that you get the support you need on your iPhone, it is often too costly to be practical for new users.  For purchases of the iPhone within the U.S., users actually get a full 90 days of complimentary support from Apple that users can take advantage of.  The 90 days starts at the very beginning of ownership, not activation, and only covers some specific things.  Learn how to use complimentary support for your new iPhone.

The complimentary support provided by Apple is supposed to assist with important, yet basic, functions of the iPhone.  This is to help you set it up, install it, assembly, and connectivity issues over its telephone support.  This is supposed to be a part of the general package, which also extends to the free support material available at  In the first 90 day period you actually have unlimited “incidents” you can report, which are defined by Apple as “a specific, discrete issue that can be addressed by isolating its origin to a single cause.”  They have the ability to choose whether or not your specific issue fits into this incident framework, and they can approve or deny.  The incident is brought to completion, as it were, when the issue has been resolved, new information solves the problem, the issue is determined to be from incompatibility with a third party product like an accessory, upgrading the device solves the issue, it is determined to be a hardware problem, or if it is unable to be repaired. At that point it could be determined if it fits within the parameters of the warranty or if the user causes it.

There are multiple different ways to contact Apple support, and you begin at their website  Once you choose to Get Started you can go through, identify your device, and what problem you are having generally.  Once you enter the proper information for this you will go to a page that gives you both an article with information, as well as links to send the device in for servicing, call in for Apple support, schedule a call with Apple support that will be done later, contact your service provider, or bring it in to an Apple location for actual servicing.

The primary thing you should be doing for complimentary support from Apple is choose to actually call them, which will make sure that you are not prematurely sending in your device or choosing an option that is not backed up by your specific type of support.  If you choose to Talk to Apple Now you can begin this by doing an online communication of the problem.  You will first be asked to enter your product’s serial number.  From here the device will be recognized and the case on your iPhone can begin.  If it is a service issue then contacting the carrier is going to be the best option, though this is not handled by complimentary apple support.  What may be best for many users is to Schedule a Call, which will again request that you put in your iPhone’s serial number.  This is done because their support system runs on a ticket based operation where they can look at the product information and the complaint so they are prepared to handle it when the call is made.

You will enter in your name, email address, and phone number, and then set a time area in which you would like to be called.  This ranges in a three day time frame where you can set early morning, morning, afternoon, evening, and late night.  There will then be available time frames within each section that you can choose from.  Once this is done it will give you a receipt with a Case ID number and the time and date of your call.  This process is also similar if you submit the issue of the problem, though there it is going to ask you more detailed questions about your issue.

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