Consumer Reports on iPhone 5 Low-Light Photos

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Consumer Reports tested out the iPhone 5 camera under low-light conditions. Strangely, their tests show no major difference. That’s a bit odd, because most reviews (including our own tests) seemed to show that it’s definitely better than the iPhone 4S under low light.

Gruber says the same thing. His guess is that they may have been using a third-party app, because he finds that some of the improved quality seems to be software-driven.

“The only explanation I can think of is that whoever conducted these tests wasn’t using the built-in Camera app on the iPhone 5, and instead used a third-party camera app. In my experience, the iPhone 5’s new low-light capabilities are at least partially software-driven — low-light shots taken with third-party apps don’t seem any better than on the iPhone 4S.”


Our own pictures, taken with the built-in camera app, definitely support the better-under-low-light claim. (See those here)

We saw a pretty noticeable  difference. Aside from being resized, our pictures have not been altered in any way.

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