Heads-up: iPhone 5 Preorders Are Not Yet Open

iPhone 5 preorders

Image: Gizmodo

This is kind of scary. People claim they have already preordered their iPhone 5. At least that’s according to some Tweets, as Gizmodo found today.

That’s a bit worrisome, as the handset hasn’t even been announced yet. This means one of two things: 1) They are just pullin’ their friends’ legs; 2) They put money down on something, and genuinely think they have preordered an iPhone 5.

What does this mean? Be careful if you are offered preorders for the iPhone 5. It’s not real. It’s not real until it’s announced on September 12. Until then, anyone offering to let you preorder the iPhone 5 is probably messing with you.

Gizmodo collected  a handful of Tweets from folks who seem to think they have preordered Apple’s upcoming handset.





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