How is Apple Updating the iPod Product Line?

iPod touch

Apple is reportedly ready to update the existing line of iPods very soon. Perhaps as early as next week. This makes sense with the upcoming iPhone 5 announcement.

The iPod is one of Apple’s most important products. It’s not as significant as it once was, by any stretch. However, the original iPod is the device that got them back on the map when things were looking grim.

Website 9to5Mac says they have obtained information on the upcoming iPod line:

iPod shuffle: The price-point will remain at $49. They don’t have any word on storage capacity, and will feature no major changes other than being available in eight colors (currently, it’s available in five).

iPod nano: The nano is also said to come in eight colors. It’s said that they are dropping the low-end model, and is likely to be sold only as a 16GB at $169. Other rumors have pointed at a taller nano design, more akin to the iPod touch.

iPod touch: The touch is said to be getting some changes. The low-end model will remain just as it is. However, the 9to5Mac says that the two higher-priced models will be updated. Aside from maybe some slight tweaks and a new dock connector.

Check out 9to5Mac for full details.

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