How to Configure Facebook for Your iOS Device

Now that Facebook is a fully integrated social networking tool on the iPhone, you will find that there are some things that you need to do to ensure that it is properly configured.  Since Facebook will allow you to do quick status updates with Siri, connect Facebook contacts and events with your Contacts List and Calendars, and the ability to share information from anywhere, you will need to make sure that your settings area appropriate.  Here is a look at how to properly configure your Facebook account on your iOS 6 device.

The first thing that is important is to make sure that the Facebook app has been downloaded and installed, which is free.  Go into your Settings and find Facebook, which will be in its own block of options along with Twitter.  When you select it you can enter in your own log in information, or even create a new account if you do not have one already.  When you connect your Facebook account with your iPhone you can then approve to sync over the Facebook Events and Contacts to your iPhone, which will mean that your Events will be added to your iPhone’s Calendars and the information from your friends’ Facebook accounts will be synced to their contact in your Contacts List.

Once you have done this you can go into your Facebook settings location and you will see that you are logged in and there will be On / Off switches for both Calendar and Contacts.  If you turn them off then they will not connect these information.  Since this is not a static process you can hit the Update All Contacts button below the switches.  This will sync over the images from those people’s Facebook account, as well as other information.


If you select your name from in the Facebook settings then you will see your log in information, along with your name, email address, and a block for your password.  If your information is incorrect here you can change it and you can even delete the account with the large red button under your log in information.

If you actually want to adjust the settings for the Facebook app and integration on your iPhone, hit the Settings link above your name.  Here you will see On / Off switches for Vibrate and lay Sound, as well as a switch for whether or not to record HD video when recording for Facebook.  Below that will be a link for Push Notifications, where you can allow Facebook to notify you as if it was a text message or email.  At the bottom you will see the version of the app you are running and then an About option to learn more about the software.

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