How to Replace Your iPhone 5 Screen


The iPhone 5 has only been available for a weekend, but someone already has, or will, inevitably drop it. This can mean a broken screen if it lands on the front hard enough. Luckily, it can be replaced fairly easily. Well, easier than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S screens, according to the folks at iFixit.

iFixit has a guide that will show you how to replace the handset. It’s not very difficult. It really doesn’t take much more than their 5-point screwdriver to remove a couple of screws and then a suction cup to gently pull off the screen. You can see it here: Link

When replacing the new screen, you’re probably looking at well over $100 for the new part, so you don’t want to make a habit of having a broken screen. In the past, the iPhone 4S sold with a front glass and a separate LCD connector. You had to buy them together. In other words, if your screen broke, you not only had to get a new front glass, you had to get a new LCD. This got expensive, and led to people trying to replace their screens and problems like the touch functionality no longer working on their handsets. Oops.

The good thing is that they are now a single piece. We figure it will cost about as much as both parts combined, so don’t be surprised if you pay around $130. This is just an estimate based on total cost of both iPhone 4 components, so give or take a few extra bucks, plus the cost of the tools you will need to repair it.

Still, Apple is said to be offering to replace screens at the store. You can also pick up an AppleCare+ plan if you’d like to have it replaced for a bit cheaper.

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