iFixit Teardown: Apple EarPods


Apple’s EarPods are an updated version of the earbuds that come packed in with Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. The EarPods are designed to better fit in the ear, and all that jazz. iFixit took them apart to see what makes them work. Here’s what they found.

 Here are some notes from their teardown:

The new Apple EarPods do have significant improvements in durability:

    •  The new remote is better sealed against water damage, and features strain relief wrapping to increase the life of the cable.
    •  Paper speaker cones are more resistant to tearing than plastic, decreasing the likelihood of blowing out your drivers.


EarPods Taken Apart

You can see the full teardown here. Not a lot to the earbuds, but that’s what we’d expect. The iPhone 5, on the other hand, should be very interesting.

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