iPhone 5: A look at some of the many cases already available for iPhone 5

 USB Fever

With the iPhone 5 announcement already behind us, the next thing interested buyers may want to do is look at cases for their new smartphone. There are already plenty to choose from, and the handset hasn’t even launched yet. Let’s take a look at some of the cases that are already available for the iPhone 5.

Ballistic Cases

Ballistic Smooth


Ballistic makes some tough cases, and screen protection through a clear plastic shield on the front. They have a full lineup, such as the Ballistic Smooth (above, top) it’s designed to be thin, but protective. Right under it is the SG, which is the heavier-duty case. Ballistic




Griffin often as a lineup we like. It’s versatile enough to include cases that offer full, heavy-duty protection as well as cases that are slim and can go almost unnoticed. Heck, they even have cute, animal-shaped cases. Who has that? Griffin! Oh yeah! Griffin




Acase offers the Citta and the SuperLeggera Pro. They are both designed to be protective, yet slim enough to not totally interfere with your iPhone usage. You can check them out at their site, Apluscase.





Hitcase is a mega-durable, waterproof, shockproof case that makes it possible to use your iPhone 5 as a POV camera. Basically, this means you can mount it on something, and use it to film action from your point of view. Ideal for people who are into extreme sports. Hitcase




X-Doria has a few cases for the iPhone 5. They tend to go for the more colorful, and louder, designs. They go for stylish, and if cuter colors are your thing, X-Doria’s cases are for you. X-Doria





The CalypsoCases are that more elegant solution for your iPhone 5. They look like leather with embossed designs. CalypsoCases



Element Case


Sector is a new case for the iPhone 5. It’s only being teased at this point, but it looks tough. All they have is “Coming Soon” on their front page. Element Case




waterproof case

Peoporta also has a line of cases for the iPhone 5. Theirs range in styles such pouch-styled cases, and include hard shell cases. They even offer a waterproof case. Proporta



USB Fever

USB Fever

USB Fever also announced a handful of cases for the iPhone 5. These look almost edible. Especially the little piece over the Home Button. They have a handful of designs, and any of them should get you started, and keep your iPhone 5 from getting scratched. USB Fever


iPhone 5 Cases Are Already Abundant

The iPhone 5 isn’t even available yet, and cases are being announced. This is interesting, as it usually takes a bit after a new design. Perhaps some of the leaks came from case makers? Who knows. Either way, now you know where to get a case if you want one for your iPhone 5.


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